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This two room apartment is a gem. I knew this apartment was going to be special when I bought this building in July of 2011. For starters, it has two great looking 200 year old fireplaces. They don't work but they're about as classy as classy can get. The woodwork and pillars are fabulous. The two new flat screen tv's on top of each mantel are a nice touch when you're going to bed or waking up and drinking your coffee in the morning. The kitchen has been redone with new cupboards, countertops, and appliances. Gorgeous sofa, dining area, and bar stools make it adorable. The bedroom is tastefully decorated with a queen size bed. The bathroom is small but has been remodeled with new everything. All new dishes, towels, and linens. The old hardwood floors have been refinished and all twelve windows been replaced with new. (Great light!) Nice summer colors throughout. Apartment includes cable, wi-fi, washer/dryer, radio/cd player, outside grill, and off street parking. Has nice outside sitting areas and is located on a nice historic part of town. It's only a 5-10 minute walk to all of Rockland's great restaurants and museums.

  • Sleeps 2: 1 queen
  • 1 full bathroom
  • Cable, wi-fi, radio/cd player, outside grill
  • Off street parking

No smoking or pets.

House Fireplace 2 Bar 2 Bar 3 Kitchen Kitchen 3 Kitchen 5 Bar 1 Fireplace 1 Nook 2 Nook 3 Seating Area Bathroom Bedroom 2 Bedroom

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